On this page is the background information on the new characters that I have introduced, as well as the story of how they came to be on the seaQuest.

****Authors Note****

The events in my stories happen during the second season of seaQuest. In my little warped universe, the events of the third season NEVER happened. The seaQuest was not taken to an alien world, and did not return 10 years later. Hence, Miguel Ortiz and Wendy Smith were not "misplaced", and Jim Brody DID NOT die rescuing what's-her-name.

My stories may continue on past the events of the second season, but since they never left Earth, who's to say what really happened after 2022.

If you like my characters, let me know....if you don't like them, heck, let me know that too. And if you would like to use any of them in your own fiction, drop me a line, and I'll tell you who can be killed off, and who can't. In other words, these people listed below are the works of my brain, and I claim all rights to them.

What I do not claim rights to however, is the seaQuest DSV, it's crew, and it's name. That belongs to someone else.

What's that? Shut up and get to the story? Okay, okay....yeesh.

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In 1997, a commune was founded on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. The idea was for people to live together in harmony. People flocked from all over the world, and everything was peaceful until the year 2010. (named---Castrana or Castrasta)

Throughout the years, a small division had begun within the inhabitants. Some wanted to keep the island the same as it had always been; an escape from the harsh realities of modern life. (Kriscaís). A place where they could live in peace, and live by their own rules. The remainder of the 1 million inhabitants grew tired of the "simple life", and wanted to catch up with what was happening in the rest of the world. (Mintonís). A growing number of these people began to strike out at the Kriscan ideals, and challenged them to an electionÖthe winner would decide which path the island would follow.

After a rather hard run election, the losing party did not take kindly to being in second place. Throughout the year, tempers started to flair between the ever divided Kriscaís (the ruling govt.), and the Mintonís (the secondary party). Somehow, the Mintonís managed to get the Public Protection Force (PPF), the communeís security force, on their side. The peaceful commune was turning into a rather unpleasant island to live on. On the night of November 16, 2010, the PPF, along with the now radical Minton force, marched on the Krisca parliament.

The Kriscanís were mainly Ďartistsí (polite word for peace loving druggies), and were not prepared for any sort of fight. Around 58 Kriscanís were killed in the riots that night, including the president. Many more, from both sides, were to die in the following days.

Events happened from both sides, that turned a major scuffle into a full blown civil war. Martial Law was declared by the acting Krisca leader, but since the PPF was no longer on their side, it was soon cast aside. The government disintegrated upon her (the acting presidents) untimely death (murder). The Krisca/Minton Civil War was born.

The war lasted for nearly eight years. Children were orphaned, families murdered, rape gangs ran the streets, and neither side was willing to give up.

In 2018, the World Court finally stepped in after a neutral ship was sunk off the islandís coast line. The UEO was asked to intervene, and the peace accord was signed on May 8, 2018. The UEO was asked to stay on to keep the peace.

In 2022, a joint force consisting of members from both the Kriscaís, and the Mintonís, were selected to work together in order to bring a hopefully lasting harmony to the once peaceful island. This group of 10 individuals was sent on a Peace Keeping Tour within the UEO. If they could work together as a team for six months, then the World Court and the UEO might look into withdrawing itís forces from the island.

This is their story.



Daphne Shaymenn - age 24. She had been with her family when they were executed, and only survived because her mother covered her with her own body. She was pulled half dead from the ruins of her house. She joined the Kriscan forces and fought against the Minton/PPF forces. Her mother was the acting president that had been murdered. She is undecided on the merits of the joint venture.

Michael Alexander - age 28. He had found Daphne in the ruins of her house, still holding onto her dead motherís body. He took her to the Krisca camp, which he was a member of. He is Daphneís closest friend, and thinks of her as his younger sister. He thinks that the joint venture is a waste of time.

Phillip díAngelo - age 31. He had also lost his family in the early days of the war. He thinks that the joint venture is a good idea.

Sandy Crighton - age 23. She still has both parents, but lost two brothers, and a sister in the war. Hates Mintonís, and is only on the team because she thinks it is the best way to get away from the island.

Miranda Cheu - age 27. She likes the idea of the joint venture, and looks forward to bringing peace to her island. Her only problem is that her cousin, Tobin, is on the Mintonís side.



Tobin Cheu - age 30. His father was one of the biggest supporters of the Minton party, and he believes 100% in their doctrines. The biggest obstacle in his way of proving that the war was just, is his cousin Miranda.

Astor Diego - age 24. He is a hard man to figure out. He spouts Minton righteousness, but still takes time to listen to, and talk to, the Kriscaís on the team.

Brie-Ann Douglas - age 26. All she wants is to "do her time" on the tour, and get back to the island. Has a strong dislike for Kriscaís, and blames them for the war that killed her family.

Sheila Logan - age 30. She also lost her family in the war. She is sort of unstable when it comes to Kriscanís, and would rather not be involved in the team. Sheila thinks that all Kriscanís are "drugged crazed hippies."

Logan Battaglia - age 24. He could care less about Kriscanís, but thinks that the idea of such a team has some merit. He was a Junior PPF during the war.

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