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The Long Anticipated Story Of My Life

I have totally and completely redesigned this page! It was getting a little jumbled the way it was, so I decided to put everything into point form....easier to read, and understand....maybe. By the way any names mentioned here are minus the last name....just the first and middle names are listed.


Born: Antigonish, Nova Scotia....way back in May 1967.

Places I have lived: Antigonish, Strathcona, River Hebert and Amherst in Nova Scotia. St. Andrews in New Brunswick. Banff and Jasper in Alberta. Kamloops, North Delta, White Rock, Surrey, Clearwater and Parksville in British Columbia. I have lived in a few of these places more than once.

Married: November 28, 1991 in White Rock BC to Edward Robert.

Children: Nicholas Ryan, April 2000. Alexandra Quinn, June 2001. Nicholas likes her, and thinks that she is the greatest kitty kat in the house. :) He pats her head, and she smiles at him.

Separated: May 22, 2002.

Pets: Two cats - Mico and Eddie.

Family: Two older brothers, two younger sisters. Mother, father.

Education: Nova Scotia Community College (Electronics Technician), CompuCollege (Hospitality Operations Management - Honours Diploma).

Employment: Cashier at a drug store, Room Attendant at three Canadian Pacific hotels across Canada, Security Guard, Visitor Information Counsellor in Clearwater and Burnaby BC, Sales Associate at a Knick-Knack store, Kiosk Manager, Librarian.

Favorite Quote: "Truth is a flexible perception based on need."

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons (D-OH!), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, all three of the Law & Order franchise, Jeopardy, Passions (it's like driving past a car know you shouldn't watch, but.....) I spend a lot of time watching PBSKids with my kids (oh-ah, dance in smarty pants)

Name at birth: Barbara Lynn

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