Carlos gets a temporary partner for a case, and it’s anything but smooth sailing.*preview*


Tiffany comes back, only to disappear again.*preview*

Images Of The Past

Remembering the past can sometimes destroy the future.*preview*

In Loving Care...(Part One)(Completed)

A routine trip to the hospital turns deadly for Trent.

Mrs. Sandoval

Carlos, married? Well, one woman certainly thinks so.*preview*

Killing Lost Time

Trent is hired to find a woman who would rather remain lost…for good reason.

Silent Justice (Part One)(Completed)

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time leaves Carlos missing, and his friends racing to find him.*preview*

And Baby Makes Three?

A misheard conversation leads everyone to believe that Tiffany is pregnant.

The Real Reason

Tiffany’s mother arrives from Europe, and takes an instant dislike to Carlos…but not to Trent.

Crossing The Blue Line

Revenge is a powerful is guilt.

Questions Without Answers

When Tiffany considers leaving the force, the one person who she thought would be behind her, is opposed to it.

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