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On this page, I will be listing the changes, and additions to my web pages.: **********************************************************************************

AUGUST 15 2003 - Rearranging the main page, so it may look like a mess for a while.

JULY 25, 2003 - Deleted some links that lead to nowhere....added a couple new links to the Favorites page. Most of the counters are not working, as well as the main guestbook. The counters will be fixed soon, and the popup guestbook still works. The 'old guestbook' also works.

DECEMBER 27, 2002 - Redid the main page...background, images, etc.

May 31, 2002 - Redesigned myLinks Page again.

February 10, 2002 - Redesigned myLinks Page. Corrected a lot of links....added a lot of links.

February 6, 2002 - Corrected a few links, and general maintenance. Added some new quotes that Jessica e-mailed me to The Quotes/Sayings Page.

January 1, 2002 - Happy New Year!! Corrected a few links, and general maintenance.

December 15, 2001 - Updated My Life Story.

November 25/01 - Added some more pictures to the pictures page...Updated My Life Story.

MAY 21/01 - Finally finished, and posted Silent Justice - The Conclusion

April 29/01 - Redesigned and added new pictures to the Pictures Page.

March 26, 2001 - After a big "site deletion scare", my pages are back up and running. Deleted a few dead links.

December 30/00 - Changed a few things on The Long Anticipated Story Of My Life.

July 18/00 - Changed a few of the pages (background, images, general layout).

May 10/00 - Added a new story to W.S.K.R.S. VIEW My counters have all reset themselves!!! Added a new counter to a few pages.

May 3/00 - Added a new page called Nicholas Ryan, with pictures of our new born son.<

March 14/00 - Added a new story to W.S.K.R.S. VIEW.

February 29, 2000 - Fixed a lot of dead links, changed some old e-mail addresses. (In other words, did basic maintenance).

November 22/99 - Added a new 'Humor Page' called Signs You May Be A Canadian. Rearranged the main page a bit.

November 14/99 - Added a new link to my favorites page, changed some 'dead' links.

August 17/99 - Added a new story to W.S.K.R.S. VIEW. Added a few new links to my favorites page.

July 25/99- Added a new link to my favorites page and to the Seal Of Approval Winners page.

June 30/99- Rearranged my Favorites page, and added a few links to it. Added a few partial stories to Thunderfic.

June 6/99- I created an award for other to apply for. It is called "Lillandra's Seal Of Approval"(original, eh?). If you would like to apply for it for your web page, go to this page. The rules for applying are there. There is also one of the logos there to see.

April 30/99-- Added a new story to the W.S.K.R.S. VIEW page. Also added seaQuest character profiles. Played around with a few of the pages, slightly rearranging them.

April 28/99-- Added a new story to the W.S.K.R.S. VIEW page. Added a message board to the Thunderfic page.

April 25/99-- Added a new link to the W.S.K.R.S. VIEW page. I am also playing around with the colours on that page, so it may look a little different from time to time. Added a message board to the Thunderfic page.

March 23/99-- Changed the Picture Page a bit. Added some comics to the main page, as well as the Types Of Men, etc page.

March 20/99-- Took all the links from the seaQuest page, and put them on the W.S.K.R.S. VIEW page.

March 17/99-- Changed a few background colours, tweaked a few pages. Added a picture or two.

February 10/99-- Added a letter I received from email. I call it The Ride.

November 3/98-- Added a new link to the Sons Of Thunder page. My site is now linked to the seaQuest Fan Fiction Web Ring.....added a "teasers" part to my W.S.K.R.S. VIEW page, which contains sections of the new stories that I am writing.

October 25/98-- Changed "Lillandra's seaQuest DSV Fan Fiction" to "W.S.K.R.S. View". Those of you who have watched the show will know what I mean by this. If you have not seen the show...well, read the stories! The W.S.K.R.S are mentioned. Fixed a few pesky links.

October 21/98-- Added a new link to the Friend's Page...changed a few images. I am also now linked into the "Fan Fiction Webring", and the "TV Webring"(Fan Fiction).

October 4/98-- Added a few linkable banners, reset some of the page counters. I changed a few of the link address, so if you find one that does not work, let me know. Thanks.

October 1/98-- Added my own seaQuest fan fiction page.

September 29/98-- Added a new link to A Few of My fav's on the net page.

September 24/98-- Added a new link, and a new banner to the main page.

September 13/98-- Got brave and added my own fan fiction to the seaQuest links page. (the same story that appears in SeaQuest Chronicles.)

September 12/98-- Added a new link to the Friend's Page.

September 7/98-- Due to some bitching by certain people, I have taken my Original Links page off of here. All the links that were once on it are now one the main page. (Now, don't go thinking that you were the one to make me change this. I have had a few complants from people who did not like linking through 'two whole pages' to get to a certain section.) Anyway, there's MY bitching for the day.

On a brighter note, I have been published!!!!!! If you would like to read my story, then go to a Few of my fav's on the web, then to seaQuest, then to seaQuest Chronicles....my story is the last one(as of this date.) OOOPPPPSSSS...hope that wasn't too many links for some of ya. My gosh, but I am sarcastic today, ain't I.

September 1/98-- Took the old guestbook off of all the pages, except the Original Links Page. The book is still active!!!! If you are going to cut and paste a logo into my guestbook, please make sure it is a not a large logo......thanks. The smaller ones are ok. The new book has a spot for your URL, and it will link to it from there.

August 30/98-- I have added a new guestbook from GuestWorld. It is only on a few pages now, but I hope to have it on all pages soon. I will keep my old guestbook, so others can read it.

August 24/98-- Thanks Geocities for cancelling my other home page for no apparent reason!!:(

I have removed the link to "Lillandra's Other Homepage" (which once resided at Geocities) from my Tripod site. The Geocities address was given to someone else, and I wish them the best of luck.

August 21/98-- Took a picture off of the second page of pics, and replaced it with a different one.

August 10/98-- Added four more pictures, and put all their links on a new Pictures Page. Added a new link to the Friend's page.

August 8/98-- Finally added a photo of my husband and me!!!!!!!!

August 4/98-- Added some new sayings to the Quotes page. Added a small paragraph to the main page.

July 29/98-- Added another link to the Friend's Page.

July 28/98-- Added another link to the seaQuest page.

July 26/98-- Added a new link to the seaQuest links page.

July 25/98-- Added three new quotes. I plan on adding a lot more pages to the Favorites section....just waiting for people to e-mail me back with the okay to link.

July 22/98-- Added a few new quotes to the Quotes Page.

July 9/98-- Added two new links to the Star Wars page.

July7/98-- Added a new page to the favorites section. The all new "Star Wars" links.

July 6/98-- Added two new links to the Friend's page. Added a new link to the Tourism Page. Moved the Friend's page from the Favorites page to the Original Links Page.

July 5/98-- Added a Friend's Page link. This will show the links to my friends pages. It is in my "A Few of My Favorite Things.........On The Web" section.

June 27/98-- Um, really didn't add anything new, just felt like changing the date on the What's New! link. Well, I DID e-mail a lot of the provinces to get permission to add a link to their page...So I guess this update isn't a total loss.

June 23/98-- Shifted all of the links to my own pages onto their very own page. Added a tourism link. Changed a few background colors. Added a few more quotes. Changed the name of "My Favorite Pages On The Web" to....." A Few Of My Favorite Things..........On The Web".

June 11/98-- Added a new page to the tourism page. Changed a few background colors.

June 10/98-- Added a few pages to the favorites page....

June 9/98-- Added a new section called "My Favorite Pages On The Web". This will include links to all the sites that I like. I only have a few for now, but should have more once I get permission from other people to add a link to their site.

June 7/98-- Changed a few things on the Story Of My Life.....added the What's New! page....added a new link.

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