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This is the outline for a fan fiction of seaQuest DSV…I will do a little background story on the introductory characters, then I will list the story characters. (June 24/98)

(Working titles--- Dream Me Home////// or Wish Me Home///// or hmm…get back to you on that. Maybe---- Dream of Yesterday …. Wish Of Yesteryear

WARNING--- Story contains some adult content…..i.e., swearing, and gratuitous sex.(no slash involved.) If you are not over the age on 16, please do not read. I would hate to be blamed for corrupting young minds.


In 1997, a commune was founded on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. The idea was for people to live together in harmony. People flocked from all over the world, and everything was peaceful until the year 2010. (named---Castrana or Castrasta)

Throughout the years, a small division had begun within the inhabitants. Some wanted to keep the island the same as it had always been; an escape from the harsh realities of modern life. (Krisca’s). A place where they could live in peace, and live by their own rules. The remainder of the 1 million inhabitants grew tired of the "simple life", and wanted to catch up with what was happening in the rest of the world. (Minton’s). A growing number of these people began to strike out at the Kriscan ideals, and challenged them to an election…the winner would decide which path the island would follow.

After a rather hard run election, the losing party did not take kindly to being in second place. Throughout the year, tempers started to flair between the ever divided Krisca’s (the ruling govt.), and the Minton’s (the secondary party). Somehow, the Minton’s managed to get the Public Protection Force (PPF), the commune’s security force, on their side. The peaceful commune was turning into a rather unpleasant island to live on. On the night of November 16, 2010, the PPF, along with the now radical Minton force, marched on the Krisca parliament.

The Kriscan’s were mainly ‘artists’ (polite word for peace loving druggies), and were not prepared for any sort of fight. Around 58 Kriscan’s were killed in the riots that night, including the president. Many more, from both sides, were to die in the following days.

Events happened from both sides, that turned a major scuffle into a full blown civil war. Martial Law was declared by the acting Krisca leader, but since the PPF was no longer on their side, it was soon cast aside. The government disintegrated upon her (the acting presidents) untimely death (murder). The Krisca/Minton Civil War was born.

The war lasted for nearly eight years. Children were orphaned, families murdered, rape gangs ran the streets, and neither side was willing to give up.

In 2018, the World Court finally stepped in after a neutral ship was sunk off the island’s coast line. The UEO was asked to intervene, and the peace accord was signed on May 8, 2018. The UEO was asked to stay on to keep the peace.

In 2022, a joint force consisting of members from both the Krisca’s, and the Minton’s, were selected to work together in order to bring a hopefully lasting harmony to the once peaceful island. This group of 10 individuals was sent on a Peace Keeping Tour within the UEO. If they could work together as a team for six months, then the World Court and the UEO might look into withdrawing it’s forces from the island.

This is their story.



Daphne Shaymenn - age 24. She had been with her family when they were executed, and only survived because her mother covered her with her own body. She was pulled half dead from the ruins of her house. She joined the Kriscan forces and fought against the Minton/PPF forces. Her mother was the acting president that had been murdered. She is undecided on the merits of the joint venture.

Michael Alexander - age 28. He had found Daphne in the ruins of her house, still holding onto her dead mother’s body. He took her to the Krisca camp, which he was a member of. He is Daphne’s closest friend, and thinks of her as his younger sister. He thinks that the joint venture is a waste of time.

Phillip d’Angelo - age 31. He had also lost his family in the early days of the war. He thinks that the joint venture is a good idea.

Sandy Crighton - age 23. She still has both parents, but lost two brothers, and a sister in the war. Hates Minton’s, and is only on the team because she thinks it is the best way to get away from the island.

Miranda Cheu - age 27. She likes the idea of the joint venture, and looks forward to bringing peace to her island. Her only problem is that her cousin, Tobin, is on the Minton’s side.



Tobin Cheu - age 30. His father was one of the biggest supporters of the Minton party, and he believes 100% in their doctrines. The biggest obstacle in his way of proving that the war was just, is his cousin Miranda.

Astor Diego - age 24. He is a hard man to figure out. He spouts Minton righteousness, but still takes time to listen to, and talk to, the Krisca’s on the team.

Brie-Ann Douglas - age 26. All she wants is to "do her time" on the tour, and get back to the island. Has a strong dislike for Krisca’s, and blames them for the war that killed her family.

Sheila Logan - age 30. She also lost her family in the war. She is sort of unstable when it comes to Kriscan’s, and would rather not be involved in the team. Sheila thinks that all Kriscan’s are "drugged crazed hippies."

Logan Battaglia - age 24. He could care less about Kriscan’s, but thinks that the idea of such a team has some merit. He was a Junior PPF during the war.


Outline & Sketch

One of the Minton’s tell Brody that she saw a Kriscan doing drugs on the shuttle over. He lined them up, and proceeded to check their bags. When he gets to Daphne, she smiles sweetly, and says: "Don’t forget to do a pat-down……I always keep my drugs close to me." She winks at him.

Brody blushed slightly, then recovered. "Do you think this is a laughing matter?"

"On the contrary…I think this is a very serious matter. And I object to being treated as guilty before proven innocent." She crosses her arms, and leans back. "Face it cutie, somebody’s yankin’ your chain…We don’t have any drugs on us."

"While you are on the seaQuest, you will address me as Lieutenant Brody."

"That’s cool…..but we’re still on the shuttle…which is UEO property."

She’s a trouble maker Brody thought. He motioned behind him. "Move out. Get to the seaQuest." This is going to be a long six months.


"The only good Krisca, is a dead Krisca."

Wendy senses murderous anger from someone in the crowd, and zero’s in on the calm face of Daphne. Such anger…….and she looks so calm. Wendy blinks as Daphne looks at her, and nods.

You are correct. A voice says in her head.

Wendy takes a slight step back, but recovers quickly. Are you telepathic?

Only with other telepaths came the reply. I cannot communicate with non-paths……and I can’t sense emotions either.


On the bridge:

Captain Nathan Bridger looked at the group in front of him. "While you are here, you will be working with the crew to get a feel of what cooperation can do."

"Work with Krisca’s." Brie-Ann scoffed.

Bridger turned to her. "You have a problem with that?"

"Actually, yes…I do."

"Then why are you here?"

Brie-Ann- I was picked, I had no choice in the matter.

Sandy- (mumbles) Typical Minton.

Brie-Ann- (turns to her) What was that?

Sandy- I said "Typical Minton".

Brie-Ann- (menacing) You keep it up, and I’ll show you what a typical Minton can do. (turns away)

Sandy- Don’t you turn your back to me!

Captain- Now see here you two--

Sheila- (butting in) What are you going to do about it…..druggie?

Captain- Ladies, please---

Sandy- Get out of my face wench.

Sheila- This is not in your face. This (she steps closer) is in your face.

Daphne & Astor- (at same time) Knock it off! (they look at each other in slight amazement)

Sandy- (looks at Daphne) They started it!

Daphne- And I’m finishing it. (she looks at the Captain) If it is all right, could I possibly speak to my people alone for a few moments?

Captain- Of course.

Daphne- Thank you. (she looks at Astor) My apologizes, and please excuse us.

Astor- Accepted.

Daphne- (faces the Krisca’s) Come with me. (she walks away)

Sandy- But—

Daphne- Now! (Captain, and Brody watch as she leads them to a small corner of the bridge.)

Daphne- All right. Now I’m only going to say this once, so you all had better listen real closely.

Miranda- Daphne—

Daphne- I mean it! Now, we are not exactly here by choice, but damn it, we are going to make the best of it.

Phillip- I agree.

Michael- How the hell are we suppose to put up with them?

Daphne- Look. No one said that this was going to be easy, but all I ask is that you at least try. And the next time they say something rude, shrug it off.

Sandy- (in disbelief) What?

Daphne- Shrug it off. If they know how to get to you, they will continue to do it over, and over again. (she looks at each of their faces). Understood?

Sandy- (in resignation) Fine……Who the hell put you in charge anyway?

Daphne- I did. (she turns and walks back to the center of the bridge. Her group sighs, and follows.)

Captain- Everything settled?

Daphne- I hope so…..Now, where do we begin?

Ortiz- OK, did you get that?

Miranda- I think so.

Logan- Of course.

Ortiz- (looks at Daphne) And you?

Daphne- Yep.

Ortiz- Yep?

Daphne- Yes Chief, I understood everything you said.

Ortiz- Fine…Then perhaps you would like to demonstrate for us.

Daphne- (looks as Logan snickers) It would be my pleasure.

Ortiz- (motioning the seat beside him) Good…You can link up to Junior from here. (he watches as she sits down, and frowns slightly as a sad look crosses her face) Is there a problem?

Logan- (mutters) Need some drugs to get you started?

Ortiz- That will be enough Mister!

Daphne- (looks at Logan) No thanks…you better hold onto your stash…you look like you could use it. (she turns back to the screen, but catches a brief smile on Miguel’s lips) All right…Junior. (she types in a command, and frowns at the screen) Uh……Does ‘sensor jammed’ mean what I think it means?

Ortiz- (looks quickly at her screen) Damn!

Ford- (looking up) Problems Chief?

Ortiz- (not looking away from his screen) Junior’s being jammed again. (he types in a few commands to the WSKR). Not getting through.

Ford- (turns to O’Neill) Find out where the jamming is coming from.

O’Neill- Aye sir.

Logan- (leaning over Daphne’s shoulder) It’s heading right for us!

Ortiz- WSKR is not responding to any commands.

Ford- Shut it down before she hits.

Ortiz- (typing) Trying sir. (he catches a movement out of the corner of his eye, and glances at Daphne) Don’t touch anything!

O’Neill- Junior has stopped moving.

Ortiz- (looks at his own screen, then looks at Daphne) What did you do?

Daphne leaned back in her chair. "Control, Alt, Delete…….works everytime. "

At mess hall table

"Mind if I join you?"

Michael looked up. "Suit yourself."

Miguel Ortiz sat down, and looked at Daphne. "Would you mind telling me how you knew how to stop Junior?"

Daphne smiled slightly. "Before the war, my father ran the oceanographic tests at the marina. I use to play with the WSKRS….Control, Alt, Delete is an old code that use to stop them when I got too….adventurous with them."

"I’ve never heard of that code being used with the WSKRS." Ortiz said thoughtfully. "Anything else I should know?"

"I thought you were the best Sonar Operator in the navy?"

Ortiz shrugged. "I’m always open to learning new things….or in this case, old things."

"Yeah?" Michael said as he leaned forward. "Well, learn this. I’m the closest thing this girl has to family…so, get lost."

Ortiz looked at him in amazement. "Pardon?"

"Mike!? That was positively rude!" Daphne scolded. "Apologize!"

Michael stared at her in confusion. "For what?" he asked. "I know how these navy guys think."

"Hold on." Miguel said softly. "I think you have the wrong idea."

Michael fixed him with an even stare. "Do I?"

Daphne looked at Ortiz. "I apologize."

Michael glared at her. "Don’t apologize for me!" he said angrily.

"Somebody has to Mike." She replied in the same tone. "You’re making a complete ass out of yourself."

"Perhaps I should go." Ortiz said as he started to stand up.

Michael stared at him. "Perhaps you better."

"See you on the bridge." Ortiz said to Daphne, then walked away.

Daphne glared daggers at Michael. "If you ever do anything like that again, and so help me God, I will kill you."


Daphne approached Ortiz slowly. "I’m very sorry for what Mike said. He’s overprotective of me at times."

Ortiz glanced at her. "It’s not a problem." He turned back to his sensors.

"It is a problem….to me." Daphne replied and sat down beside him.

"I just want you to know that it will not happen again." She leaned back and sighed. "You know, I thought that this little joint venture would be good for all concerned. Now, I’m not so sure."

Ortiz looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"Everyone is on their guard, and tempers are right at the surface."

"You seem fine."

Daphne sighed again. "Years of practice." She stared off vacantly into space for a few moments, a wistful look crossing her face.

Ortiz watched. He knew there was more to her than met the eye, but he still couldn’t put his finger on what it was…yet. "You okay?"

"Hm?" Daphne brought herself back to the present. "Yeah, fine….so, did you still want to know some of the old secrets I had for the WSKRS?"

Ortiz looked doubtful. "You sure your boyfriend won’t mind?"

"Mike ain’t my boyfriend!" she replied in a ticked off voice. She stared at him, and then calmed down. "Sorry. "

"Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you." Ortiz said, and decided to back away from that side of the conversation. "Anything you could tell me about what you know of WSKRS would be a great help."


Daphne entered the room she shared with Miranda and Sandy. She stopping when she saw the torn mess on the floor. She walked over to it, picked up the remains of the only picture of her family, and stared at them silently.


Dagwood walked along the hall, wondering what he should do about what he had just seen. He spotted Lonnie talking with Jim at the end of the hall and approached them.

"Dagwood thinks that Daphne needs her friends."

Lonnie and Jim looked at him. "Why do you say that Dags?" Lonnie asked.

"I went in to clean her room, and she was sitting on her bed crying." Dagwood sounded concerned. "I left quietly."

Lonnie started to walk away, but Jim put his hand on her arm. "Hold on Lonnie." He said. "Maybe she wants to be alone."

"Come on Jim." Lonnie said. "If she's crying, she may need help. She doesn't strike me as the type to cry over…well…anything. Come with me."

Brody sighed. "Maybe you're right, but I doubt she'll want me there. I'm not exactly her favorite person."

"Oh, Jim." Lonnie said and started off again. "Stop being a Lieutenant with her, and try being a person…you might surprise yourself."

Brody looked after her in disbelief, then started to follow. "Thanks Dags." He said over his shoulder.

"Welcome." Dagwood answered then walked away.


Lonnie stopped outside the door and knocked quietly. There was no answer, so Lonnie pushed at the door. It opened.

Daphne was sitting on her bed, tears streaming down her face. She was staring at something in her hands.

"Daphne?" Lonnie asked quietly.


"Are you all right?" Lonnie crossed the room. Jim stood just inside the room silently. He pushed the door shut.

"They're gone."

"Who's gone?" Lonnie asked.

"My family." Daphne whispered. "As long as I had this," she let the pieces fall to the floor, "they were still with me."

Brody closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. He knew all too well the felling of losing family.

Lonnie scooped up the pieces. "Maybe we can get Lucas to scan them, and piece it back together."

"It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does." Brody spoke up. He crossed the room and sat on the bed beside Daphne. "Want to tell us how this happened?"

Lonnie rolled her eyes. I said act human Jim….That man just won't listen!

Daphne sniffed and looked at him warily. She still did not trust him. "I came in, and it was torn up on the floor."

Brody nodded in a business like fashion. "Any idea who would have done it?"

Daphne shrugged. "Five names come to mind." She said, referring to the Minton team.

"I see…one more question."

Daphne sighed. "Go ahead Lieutenant."

Brody's voice suddenly became soft. "Are you going to be all right?"

Lonnie smiled. She had rarely heard this gentle tone from Brody.

Daphne sniffed, shrugged, then nodded. "I will be."

Brody smiled at her gently. "Do you want us to get…Michael?…for you?"


"Want us to stay with you for awhile?"

Lonnie was surprised at his offer. Way to go Jim! Told you that you might surprise yourself with being human.

Daphne looked at him, then at Lonnie. "Okay." She said, then started to cry again.

Brody hesitantly put his arm around her. Daphne fell into his arms, crying. As he held her though, she couldn't help but notice how nice he smelled. Old Spice?


In rec room ????

People are having a good time, music is playing. Daphne is playing pool with Michael and Phillip. Daphne walked over to the stereo, and put the song "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" on. She went back to the pool table, and unconsciously started moving to the music.

Miguel watched her from his table. There were some women that, as soon as you met them, you knew would be better off as your friend, than your lover. Daphne was one of these women to Miguel. It wasn’t her looks, or her attitude…she was cute, and had an attitude to rival both Ford, and Brody combined. No, it was more of an inner feeling that Miguel had experienced when they had met. And Miguel always trusted his inner feelings…usually.

Miguel glanced around the room, his eyebrows raising in surprise when he saw someone else watching Daphne. It was not so much the watching that surprised him, quite a few men were watching her. It was more the person DOING the watching.

Lieutenant James Brody seemed to be transfixed with the movements Daphne made at the pool table. His PAL sounded once…twice…a third time before Brody noticed it. He grabbed at it in mild annoyance, listened for a few moments, then stood up and left.


Brody walked back to his room from the bridge. He was humming a song, and stopped when he realized what it was. He shrugged, and continued walking to his room.


Brody rolled over in bed, and opened his eyes at a sound. He got up, went to the little bathroom off his quarters and opened the door. He stared in surprise at the person in his shower stall.

"What are you doing?"

She looked at him and smiled. "Taking a shower, of course." Brody just stood there, gaping. "Come join me." she said. "You know you want to."

Brody blinked at the invitation and walked toward her. He stood at the shower door and looked down at her body.

"Don’t be shy." She whispered.

He opened the door and entered. She smiled at him, passes him the soap, and turned around. Brody started to lather the soap on her back, his hands gliding over her smooth skin. She faced him and smiled slightly. He bent forward to kiss her.

Brody jumped as his alarm clock sounded. He reached out and slammed his hand on it. He sat up in bed, ran his hands over his face, and sighed.

"I have GOT to do something about my imagination." He said to his empty room.


Daphne and Astor walked down the hall, gently arguing some obscure point. They stop when they saw a figure slumped in a corner. They rushed to it.

Astor stared in shock. "Sheila?"

Daphne looked at the body. "Sheila is high…."

"How do you know?"

Daphne rolled her eyes at him. "D-uh….. We need to get her to the medbay."

"No! I’ll take her back to her room." Aston said as he bent down to pick her up.

Daphne watched.

"Any idea of what she’s on?" Astor asked.

"Not all Kriscan do drugs." Daphne said in an insulted voice. She opened one of Sheila’s eyes and looked. "By the look of her, I would say she did a few hits of smack."

Astor sighed. "Jesus, Sheila….how could you?" He looked around to make sure no one was in the area. "Could you help me take her back to her room?"

"Sure." She looked at Sheila, then turned away in disgust. She muttered something.

"What did you just say?" Astor demanded.

Daphne turned back. "I said…Hypocritical little bitch."

Astor glared at her. "I don’t EVER want to hear you say that about her again!"

"Don’t give me that pious bullshit!" Daphne growled. "That little bitch has spent the last four weeks getting into our faces about how we Krisca’s are such big druggie losers." She looked at Sheila, then back at Astor. "Well, take a guess at who the loser is now."

"You can go straight to hell." Astor said tightly. He turned and started to walk away with Sheila.

"I thought you wanted me to help you take her to her room?"

Astor did not turn around. "The day I ask for your help will never occur."

"Fine by me!" Daphne watched as someone walked around the corner, and closed her eyes when she saw that it was Lieutenant Brody…Head of Security.

Brody stopped at the scene before him. "Wha? What’s wrong?"

"Nothing." Astor replied. "I’m taking her back to her room."

"Why? Is she sick?" Brody asked, fishing for answers. "Should she be in med-bay?"


Daphne approached. "She’s a stupid little bitch, that’s what she is."

Both Brody, and Astor looked at her….Brody in question, Astor with hatred.

"Why do you say that?" Brody asked in a slightly demanding voice.

"She decided that she didn’t want to sleep on the same boat with Krisca’s, so she’s been napping a few hours a day, and staying up all night." Daphne said with a straight face.

Brody looked from Daphne to Astor, then at Sheila.

"Not very hospitable of her, if you ask me." Daphne continued. "We found her sleeping in the hall." She motioned behind her.

Brody looked at Astor. "Is this true?"

Astor just nodded.

"Could we take her to her room now?" Daphne asked, and smiled at Brody.

Brody knew that something else was going on, but saw that he wouldn’t get any other answers…yet. "Yes, please do." He walked away, but turned back. "When you are done with that Ms. Shaymenn, I would like to see you on the bridge."

"Of course Lieutenant." She watched as Brody walked away.

"I didn’t need your help." Astor said between clenched teeth.

Daphne sighed. "I didn’t do it for you…and I sure as hell didn’t do it for her." Daphne turned and walked away, as Astor watched her.


Daphne walked onto the bridge, and approached Brody.

"Reporting to the bridge, as ordered, sir!" she said, and saluted sharply.

Brody looked at her with amusement mixed with annoyance. "No need to salute, you’re not in the navy." He turned to Commander Ford.

"Permission to use the ward room for a few minutes."

Ford nodded. "Granted."

Brody looked at Daphne. "Follow me please." He said, and walked to the ward room. Daphne sighed, rolled her eyes, then followed.

Brody turned around when he heard the door close behind them. "Now would you like to tell me what that little scene was in the hall?"

Daphne looked at him in confusion. "I already told you."

"You expect me to believe that she had fallen asleep in the hall?" Brody said in exasperation. "Come on."

"Are you implying that I lie?" she asked.

"I think you lie when it suits you." Brody said, standing his ground.

Daphne folded her arms on her chest and smiled slightly. "And what makes you think that I am lying?"

She didn’t deny it? Brody was slightly taken aback. "Listen. I am the head of security on this sub, and us such I see things that others might overlook."

"Such as?"

"Such as the look Mr. Diego gave you when you spoke up." Brody stated. "He looked as though he hated you."

Daphne sighed. "He does hate me….I’m a Kriscan, remember?"

Internally, Brody softened at her words, but he let his face and stature remain hard.

Sandy opened her eyes and looked around in confusion until she realized what had woken her. She focused on the music coming through the wall from the room next door. She wearily got out of bed, and made her way to the door.

"Where are you going Sand?" Miranda asked in a sleepy voice.

"To shove that damn CD down a Minton’s throat." Sandy said. She went out into the hallway, and pounded on the door next to her room. The door opened, and Brie-Ann looked at her.

"What?!" Brie-Ann snapped.

Sandy tried to be polite. "Turn the music down."


"Turn it down….please."

"Aw, listen to the Krisca beg." Brie-Ann said with a smirk. "Get lost chickie! I like the CD, and I’m gonna listen to it."

Sandy jumped back as the door slammed shut in her face. She sighed as the music became louder.

Well, polite definitely did not work, Sandy decided as she pounded on the door. "Turn that damn music down!" She yelled. "Or I’m gonna forget that I’m a lady, and wring your worthless neck!!"

The door opened again, and Sheila glared at Sandy.

"Did you just threaten us???" Sheila growled.

Sandy nodded. "I guess I did."

"Thought so." Sheila said, then suddenly launched herself at Sandy, knocking her against the wall.

Sandy fell to the floor, but quickly scrambled to her feet. She charged at Sheila, and knocked her into the room.

"BITCH!!!" Sheila screamed as she slammed her fists into Sandy’s back. She tried to jump out of the way as Sandy hit back, but was too slow. Sheila landed in a heap on the floor, with a bloody nose.

Sandy pointed a warning finger at Brie-Ann. "You move one inch, and I’ll kill you." she promised. "Now, either turn that damn music off, or I’m gonna destroy you."

Brie-Ann reached over, and turned the music off. Sandy nodded, then backed out of the room while Brie-Ann approached Sheila, who was still on the floor.

Sandy entered her own room wearily, and flopped down on her bed.

Miranda chuckled. "You handled that like a true diplomat."

"Feel better?" Daphne asked in a sleepy voice.

"Much." Sandy replied.

"Good." Daphne said. "Now go to sleep." She rolled over, and was soon asleep.


Brody walked into his room, and stopped when he saw a figure in his bed.

"What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you." She replied. "Come. Be with me. You know you want to."

Brody approached the bed and slid in under the cool sheets. His hands started to travel over her smooth skin. He could feel her hands on his body. He leaned forward to kiss her.

Brody jumped as his alarm clock sounded. He reached out and slammed his hand on it. He sat up, ran his hands over his face, and sighed.

"I have GOT to do something about that alarm clock." He said to an empty room.

Brody thought about both dreams as he walked to the bridge. He could not picture the woman he had dreamed about, but he had a fairly good idea of who she was. I hope I’m wrong……she’s nothing but trouble.

Lieutenant James Brody stared at the person in front of him. She returned his stare evenly, and gave no inkling that she was here for a very serious matter.

"I’ve had a report about one of your team assaulting a member of the Minton team." Brody informed her.

"So naturally you thought of me." Daphne sighed sarcastically. "How touching."

"That’s not what I meant." Brody said. "You seem to be their leader, and I thought you might be able to shed some light on this accusation." He paused. "This is a serious matter. We do not accept crew members assaulting one another."

"We’re not crew members, remember?" Daphne said in a hard tone. "We’re some little ‘experiment’ that has been foisted upon the seaQuest."

Brody decided to set her straight once and for all. "While you are aboard the seaQuest," he informed her, "you will act in accordance with the rules and regulations set down by the UEO."

"Rules set down by the UEO??" Daphne frowned.

"The same UEO that managed to stop the war on your island." Brody reminded her. He stepped back at the glare Daphne gave him.

"Let me tell you something about your precious UEO." Daphne replied in an angry voice. "We begged the UEO, and World Court to intervene in the war for years." She paused as if collecting her thoughts. "And do you know what they told us??"

Brody shook his head. Daphne looked away before she continued. "We were told that it was an internal conflict, and that the UEO does not involve itself in internal conflicts." She looked back at Brody. "Oh, they do now, but back then……"

"They didn’t step in until a neutral ship was accidentally sunk." Brody stated, feeling the need to defend the UEO.

Daphne turned away again. "What makes you think that was an accident?"

"It was sunk on purpose???" Brody asked in a shocked voice.

"It was the only way." Daphne replied. "The war was going too far…too many had already died."

Brody couldn’t believe what he was hearing. "You sunk a neutral ship?"

"A message was sent to the ship, and they were told to abandon." Daphne said, still turned away from him. "We waited until all were off board before the charges were set."

"You sunk a neutral ship?"

Daphne finally realized what his was saying, and faced him. "I was not there, but yes, it was the Krisca’s….no lives were lost." She paused. "And who knows how many were saved."

"Why didn’t you just surrender?" Brody asked, trying to absorb what he was hearing.

Daphne seemed shocked at such a suggestion. "Surrender?! Have you ever been in a war?"

"I was in Korea in ??(year)" Brody stated.

Daphne shook her head. "I mean a war where your entire life…everything you ever believed in, everything you ever knew, was so close to annihilation, that you didn’t care what happened to yourself." She paused. "And you would do anything….anything to preserve even the smallest trace of what you once knew?"

"So, you sunk a neutral ship?"

"I didn’t expect you to understand." Daphne said in a disgusted voice. She turned and headed for the door. "And as for last night, the Minton wenches were playing their music too loud…Sandy convinced them to turn it down…It won’t happen again."

Brody watched as she left, and wondered for the hundredth time why he found her so damn exciting to be around. He sighed, knowing full well who his mystery dream woman was.

In mess hall:

Michael- (sits beside Daphne) How are you doing today?

Daphne- Fine. Why?

Michael- Just wondering…..I saw you come out of Brody’s "office", and you looked upset. What did he say to you?

Daphne- It was just about the scuffle last night. (looks away)

Michael- Of course (clearly does not believe her) When are you scheduled for your next shift?

Daphne- Oh shit! (looks at watch) Five minutes ago! (stands up) I’ll talk to you later Mike, okay?

Michael- You got it. (smiles as she hurries away…glances up as a shadow falls across the table) What do you want Sheila?

Sheila- You know what I want.

Michael- I don’t know….the last one’s I gave you almost got you into trouble. How do I know you won’t pass out in the hall again?

Sheila- Because I’m going to do them in my room this time, you dumb ass.

Michael- (chiding) Now is that anyway to treat your supplier?

Daphne rushed onto the bridge, ran up the steps, and plopped down into the seat beside Miguel.

Ortiz looked at her. "Glad you could join us."

"Sorry ‘bout that Chief." Daphne apologized. "My mind’s in it’s own world today."

"Well, since this is your last day with me, we’ll take it a little easy…and give your mind a chance to catch up."

Piccolo leaned over. "You stare at her any longer Lieutenant," he whispered to Brody, "and she’s gonna turn to stone."

Brody looked at him. "What are you talking about Seaman?"

"Nuttin’ sir." Piccolo said. "I jus’ noticed the way you been staring at Daphne."

"I have not." Brody said, and pulled his minds back to his work.

"Of course sir." Piccolo said.

Brody looked at him. "Have I?"

"Of course sir." Piccolo replied, then got up quickly when he saw Brody’s hand move towards him.

"That’s good Mr. Battaglia." Ortiz said. "You three keep at it…I’ll be right back." He put his headset on the console, and walked to the lower bridge. "Is there a problem sir?"

Brody looked at him. "Pardon?"

"Well, you’ve been staring at my station all shift…Is something wrong, Jim?"

"Nothing’s wrong." Brody turned back to his work. "And I have not been staring at your station."

Ortiz looked at his station…then, it suddenly occurred to him. "Ohhhh, I see." He turned to walk away.

"Miguel!" Brody hissed. "Get back here!" He waited until Ortiz came back. "You see what?!"

"I see absolutely nothing sir."

"That’s better."

Ortiz smiled slyly. "Want me to move her to the other console, so you can get a better view?"

Brody glared at him. "That is totally uncalled for Chief."

Ortiz looked chastised. "Of course sir…sorry sir."

"But, since you mentioned it…" Brody said thoughtfully.

Miguel smiled slightly.

Bridger- (to Ford) How long has he been like this?

Ford- (looks at Brody, who is still sneaking peeks at Daphne) All shift. (looks at Bridger) I think Jim is smitten.

Bridger- Smitten? Looks more like lust to me.

Ford- (blinks in shock) I was trying to be polite about it.

Michael looks up as a small knock sounds outside his brig door. He smiles slightly at the visitor.

Daphne- Hello Mike.

Michael- Hello Daphne…..come to gloat?

Daphne- Why did you do it?

Michael- (shrugs) It’s what I do…you know that. I’m just a hopeless junkie.

Daphne- No, you are not! You could get help if you wanted to.

Michael- Maybe I don’t want to.

Daphne- (demands) Why?

Michael- If I knew that my dear, I could die a happy man.

Daphne- Is that what you were trying to do?

Michael- Maybe.

Daphne- (oh, god) Why? Why would you? HOW could you?

Michael- Look, I never pretended to have all the answers….or to be perfect. I am what I am, you can either accept it, or we can say good bye right now.

Daphne- So that’s it huh? You’re willing to blow me off? Just like that?

Michael- Just like that.

Daphne- I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that our friendship meant so little to you.

Michael- Friends DO NOT sell out other friends….I know you helped your lover find my drugs. (sees the look on her face) I know because he isn’t smart enough to have found them on his own. (smirks) Are you going to deny it?

Daphne- No.

Michael- And do you actually think that this jerk loves you?

Daphne- I harbor no such illusions. Mike, please…..we’ve been friends for--

Michael- (interrupting) Don’t you speak to me about friendship. You betrayed me, and I will never forget it.

Daphne looks on in stunned silence.

Michael- It’s times like this that make me wish that I had never found you after you were injured. I should have just left you to die with the rest of your family. But noooo…..I had to be a hero, and save your worthless life! And what do I get in return?! Betrayed is what I get! (pauses) I should have just let you DIE. You are a worthless excuse for a person, and you are no longer my friend.

Daphne- Mike—

Michael- Don’t you Mike me. You know something? You are just like your mother…a coward.

Daphne- You don’t talk about my mother!

Michael- Why not? She was the reason we were in the war. She was too stubborn to admit that maybe the Minton’s were right. By declaring martial law, she sealed our fates. She took the cowards way out.

Daphne- (through clenched teeth) She was murdered.

Michael- Yeah? Well, good thing too…God only knows what hell she would have put us through if she had lived. (looks at her) And you are just like her. You betrayed me…and she betrayed our people. I am ashamed to even know you. I can’t even stand to look at you……Go away. (turns away from her)

Daphne looks at him, then turns and walks away.

Daphne walked quickly down the hall, trying not to think about the words Michael had just said to her. She rounded the corner, and banged into someone.

Tony- (backs up) Hey! Watch where you’re goin’.

Daphne- Sorry. (walks past)

Tony- Hey? Are you all right? You’re all pale.

Daphne- I’m fine Tony. (starts to walk quicker)

Tony- (runs to catch up with her) What’s wrong?

Daphne- (stops and glares at him) Nothing wrong! Why does everyone keep asking me that?!

Tony- I’m sorry…it’s jus’ that you look—

Daphne- (screams) GOD DAMN IT TONY!! I AM FINE!! (stops and puts her hands over her face) Oh, I’m sorry….sorry. (Looks at him and whispers) Sorry. (turns and runs down the hall)

Tony- Daphne!!?? (she rounds the corner) Aw, geeze…. (he starts after her)

Daphne rushes into the med bay, and looks around.

Wendy- Can I help you?

Daphne- (backs away) No…sorry to disturb you.

Wendy- (sensing the jumble of emotions) You’re not disturbing me…come in, please.

Daphne- I have to go.

Wendy thinks No, you don’t.

Daphne thinks back Yes, I can’t…oh, Wendy, what am I going to do?!?

Tony rushes in.

Tony- There you are. (looks at Wendy) She led me on quite a chase here.

Wendy- It’s all right Tony…I’ll take it from here.

Tony- (nods) Okay.

Wendy- Tony….

Tony- I’m goin’, (leaves)

Wendy- Now, are you going to tell me why you came?

Daphne closes her eyes, and remembers her conversation with Mike.

Wendy- Ohhh (blinks back tears from Daphne’s emotions)……that must have really hurt to hear.

Daphne- He’s my best friend….was.

Wendy- What are you gong to do about this?

Daphne- I don’t know…..I don’t know!

Wendy- Stay. We’ll talk about this.

Daphne walked slowly out of Med Bay, and stopped when she saw Brody leaning against the opposite wall.

Daphne- What are you doing here?

Brody- I’m here to see you.

Daphne- Tony has a big mouth.

Brody- He was just worried about you. So am I.

Daphne- Don’t be…I’m a big girl.

Brody- Even big girls need to be hugged. (holds out his arms. Daphne moves into him, and sighs against his chest as he holds her)

Daphne- You better be careful, or else you’re going to ruin your self-centered image.

Brody- (kisses the top of her head) This is just the image I show with you…with everyone else, I’m still an insufferable jerk. Now, why don’t you tell me why you were running through the halls.

Daphne- No.

Brody- Why not?

Daphne- Because I don’t want to…not yet.

Brody- Okay…..I have to go back to work. (lets her go)

Daphne- Thank you for being here.

Brody- (smiles) Can’t think of anywhere that I would rather be.

Daphne- Go to work.

Brody- Yes ma’am.

Brody looks at the security footage of the conversation between Daphne and Michael. He taps his fingers against the desk in anger as he listens to what Michael is saying. No wonder she got so upset. He turns the tape off, pushes a button, and goes into the detention area. Brody walks up to Michael’s cell.

Michael- What the hell do you want.

Brody keys in a code, and steps in after the door opens. He walks up to Mike and pulls him to his feet.

Michael- What the hell are you doing??

Brody silently slams him against the wall, and glares at him.

Brody walks back into the control booth, and stops short when he sees Miguel sitting in the chair.

Miguel- Rather interesting technique you have there Jim.

Brody- What are you doing here? (absently)

Miguel- Just making sure that there are no time delays in the security camera. (he pushes a button) There you go…

Brody sits down in a chair, the full realization of what he has just done hitting him.

Brody- I just screwed my career.

Miguel- No you didn’t.

Brody- What the hell are you doing here???

Miguel- You’re not the only one Tony talked to. I had a look at the security tape myself. (leans back) What now?

Brody- Nothing.

Miguel- (nods) Okay be me.

Brody- You do realize that you are now a willing partner in a crime.

Miguel- Okay by me. Why did you do it?

Brody- I don’t know.

Miguel- Well, I better make myself scarce. (stands up) Take it easy Jim.

Brody- Yeah…..thanks.

Miguel- Anytime. (he walks out)

Brody- What the hell did I just do?? (stands up and goes back into the detention area. Mike is sitting on the cot with a black eye, and a cut lip)

Michael- Get the hell away from me.

Brody- (faking shock) What the hell happened to you?

Michael- So that’s the way this is going to play out, is it?

Brody- I have no idea what you are talking about. (he pulls out his PAL) Wendy?

Wendy- Go ahead.

Brody- Could you send a med tech to the detention area please.

Bridger- How did this happen?

Brody- He claims he fell out of bed.

Bridger- And you believe him??

Brody- No one is on the security camera going in, or out of his cell.

Ford- And the camera cannot see inside the cells. (Brody nods) Then there is no way to know for sure whether he fell out of bed, or not.

Later that night::::::

Brody rolled over in his sleep and opened his eyes to a strange sound. He sat up and looked around in confusion. He focused on the corner from which the sound was coming from and tried to see in the darkness. It suddenly occurred to him that he was alone in his bed.


A small moan came from the corner. He turned on the small desk lamp and looked. Daphne was curled up in the corner, gasping for air and staring blankly at nothing. Brody jumped out of bed and reached her in two steps.

"Oh, God." He said as he crouched beside her. "What’s wrong?" She was gasping in small breaths, and her face was pale. She cringed when he touched her face.

"Daphne?!" Brody sounded scared. He was worried when she did not respond. "Come on, I’ll get you to med-bay." He grabbed her by the arms and started to get her to her feet.

The movement seemed to affect Daphne and she looked at him. She stared at him strangely for a few seconds, then looked around his room. "Wha--" She pulled away from him. "What are you doing??"

"Me??" Brody asked in confusion.

Daphne stared at him. "What’s going on?"

"That’s what I’d like to know." Brody was now totally, and completely confused. "Are you all right?"

Daphne looked at him in surprise. "Of course I am, why would you…" she trailed off as the memory of the dream she had just experienced came rushing back to her. "Oh, God!" she put her hands on her face and closed her eyes.

"What!?" For the first time, Jim was at a loss at what to do.

"Nothing." Daphne said in sorrow. "Just…I guess I was sleepwalking. Sorry to alarm you."

Brody looked at her. "Sleepwalking??!!"

"I do it sometimes." Daphne said with a shrug.

"But…but…you were in that corner, " Brody pointed, "moaning and hardly able to breathe." He looked at her with worry. "I mean—"

Daphne cut him off with a touch of his face. "I’m fine. I just had a bad dream."

The Security Chief in him needed answers. "What about?"

"About the night my family was executed."

Before they have sex :

Mess Hall:

Ortiz sits down at the table beside Brody.

Ortiz- So.

Brody- What?

Ortiz- Heard you had an…overnight guest.

Brody- So?

Ortiz- That’s what I’m asking.

Brody- We played pool.

Ortiz- (surprised) Played pool? All night?

Brody- Yes.

Ortiz- Jim, we gotta talk man. There are things you do when you’re alone with a lady all night……and playing pool isn’t one of them.

Brody- (annoyed) Well, it was convenient ya know? Got the table right in my room.

Ortiz- (knows that voice, and decides to drop that end of the conversation) So, how’d she do?

Brody- (glumly) She’s a bloody pool shark.

Ortiz- Ahhhh.

They are silent for a few minutes.

Brody- It wasn’t from a lack on my part. I really tried.

Ortiz- (carefully) The playing pool, or the loosing at pool?

Brody- The playing pool…God, I sent out every signal imaginable. (stares at his coffee) Maybe she just doesn’t want me in that way.

In The Kriscan Female Room:

Miranda- You spent the whole night in his room?

Daphne- We played pool.

Sandy- Played pool? All night?

Daphne- Yes.

Miranda- (shakes her head) Daphne, Daphne, Daphne……There are things that happen in a room when a man and a woman are alone all night……and playing pool isn’t one of them…shouldn’t be one of them.

Daphne- (annoyed) Yeah, well it was real convenient. He’s got that table right in his room.

Miranda- Don’t bitch at me because you didn’t get any.

Daphne- I’m not bitching at you.

Miranda- Yes, you are.

Daphne- (annoyed) Well, sorry.

Sandy- (trying to defuse the argument) Who won? (they look at her) The pool games...who won?

Daphne- Me…(sighs) Look, it wasn’t from a lack of trying on my part.

Sandy- The winning, or the playing pool?

Daphne- The playing pool……I sent that man every signal imaginable…Maybe he just doesn’t want me in that way.

Miranda- Did you tell him?

Daphne- Tell him what?

Miranda sighed in exasperation. "Did you tell him that you wanted to spend the night with him?"

"Of course not!"

"Why not? (sighs again) Look, for someone who’s been through all you have, you are positively naïve about some things."

Daphne- Naïve?? Do you expect me to just go up to him and tell him that I want to spend the night in his bed?

Miranda- That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Sandy- Well, you could word it differently, but Mir has a point.

Daphne- And pray tell Sandy…how should I word it?

Sandy- (thinking) How about….(changes to sultry voice) "Hey stud. How’s about me and you give your bed springs a workout tonight?"

Daphne- (laughing) That’s awful!!

Ford- Non-coms are not permitted to spend the night in officer’s quarters.

Daphne- I’m not a non-com.

Ford- Fine. Civilians are not permitted to spend the night in officer’s quarters.

Daphne- I’m not a civilian either.

Ford- Pardon?

Daphne- I am here as a…Diplomat.

Ford- (tersely) You know what I mean.

Daphne- Don’t I have diplomatic immunity, or something?

Ford- (thinking: Why me?) While you are aboard the seaQuest, you will act—

Daphne- I will act in accordance with the rules and regulations set down by the UEO. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that statement more than enough since I’ve been here. Is that the first thing the teach in officer training?

Ford- I don’t like your attitude at the moment.

Daphne- Well then, we’re even. I don’t much care for yours either.

Ford- (warning voice) Ms. Shaymenn, you are seriously overstepping your position here.

Daphne- Spare me any tirade you are about to pull.

Ford- You will confine yourself to quarters for the remainder of the day. And in the future, you will stay away from Lieutenant Brody’s quarters.

Daphne- (sighing) Section eight, paragraph three, sub-section two of the UEO rules and regulations. Any diplomat directly appoint by the United Earth Oceans shall be considered, and given the full rights of, a commissioned officer while on said mission. (smiles slightly) Argue that one if you want…..I’ll be in my quarters. (turns and leaves)

Ford- (to O’Neill) It doesn’t really say that, does it?

O’Neill- (pulls up the UEO rules, and quickly finds the section) I’m afraid so sir.