Nicholas Ryan Degenstein

Hi there!!! My name is Nicholas Ryan Degenstein, and I was born on April 18, 2000 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. I arrived at 1:13 p.m., and weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces. I look great, but mommy looks funny in some of the pictures (Ha Ha). Then again, I think that I would look funny too if I went into labour at 6:45 a.m.!!!

Here are some pictures that my Grandma Cherie took of me. Most of them are when I was still in the hospital, and one of me at home....two are even before I was born!

There are a lot of pictures on this page, so it may take a long time to load. (Blame mommy for that....she's the one making this page for me.)

Here's my mommy a few days before I was born. That's the silly dog Smidgeon she's holding.

Again, a few days before I was born.

This is me and mommy!!!

Me and my daddy!

This is my Grandma Cherie...she looks happy to see me! (Ignore the mesh hat..I had a cut on my head, and they made me wear that dorky thing to keep the gauze on)

Here I am with Grandpa Bill.

Here's my mommy, me, and my daddy! We all look pretty darn tired, don't we?

This is me sleeping at the hospital.


This is a very nice present that I got from my Nanny Carolyn, Aunt Christine, Uncle Girvan, Aunt Nancy, and Cousin Brandon.

OHNO! It's the dreaded first bath! At least daddy dried me off quickly.

Well, here I am at home...finally!!

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