"Lieutenant", he warned.

"Lieutenant", she replied, casually reminding him that they carried the same rank.

Brody sighed, turned, and walked away.


"Isn't that Lieutenant Shaymenn?"

Brody looked out the taxi window to where Tony pointed. "Yeah, that is her." He frowned slightly. Why is she sitting in the rain? He leaned back as he thought. "Let me out here," he told the driver.

Miguel looked at him as the cab pulled over. "You not coming to the party?"

"I'll be by later," Brody said as he opened the door. "I wanna find something out first."

Miguel nodded as the door closed, and the cab continued its journey.


Brody stood by a tree, watching as Daphne stared blankly at the hospital across the street. He ran his fingers through his wet hair, then walked over to the bench.

"Hey," he said quietly. He watched as her eyes moved to look at him, then went back to their hospital vigil.

"Lieutenant," she said.

"Mind if I join you?" Brody asked.

"Sure," she replied. "It's raining, you know."

"I noticed." Brody leaned forward slightly. "You okay?"

She finally looked at him. "You mean, why am I sitting on a bench, in the rain, staring at a hospital?"

"Basically," he admitted. "Look, if you would rather be alone, just tell me."

"Your mom is in cryogenics, right?"

The question caught him off guard. "Yeah."

"My Dad has been sick for a few years…They told me that he was here…I thought he was in the hospital…but, they directed me to the Cryogenics wing…" she stopped.

"That's…" Brody stopped, searching for the right words. "I'm sorry."

She nodded. "Yeah, well...I just wish they had told me."

"There's nothing I can say right now that wouldn't sound trite or half assed."

"Better get out of this rain," Brody said. "Come on…I'll let you buy me a coffee."

"A true gentleman," Daphne murmured as she stood.

"You didn't have to stay with me all day," she said. "I'm pretty sure you had plans."

He shrugged lightly. "It's okay. No big plans."

"Hey!" Tony said as he approached. "You missed a helluva party," he told Brody as he walked past and continued to the sub.

Daphne leaned towards Brody, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "Thank you," she said, then turned and walked to the sub.

Brody watched as she entered the seaQuest, then smiled slightly as he touched his cheek. "Cool."

The End.

Different story;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;:::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;:::::::::

"Lieutenant?" Ford said as he poked his head out the door

"Did you see the news yesterday?"

"No." Tony looked bored.

"Someone leaked out the P.R.D.'s of the survivors from that Castran Cloony screw up a couple years ago." Lucas told him.

"What screw up?"

Lucas sighed. "you must remember……they got captured, then turned up 200 km's away, not remembering anything…"

"How could they…"

"They were drugged, or something," Lucas interrupted.


"Sir, a moment of your time?"

Bridger smiled up, then motioned to the seat across from him. He put down the book he was reading. "What can I do for you Lieutenant?"

Daphne cleared her throat. "there's a rumor going around about the recordings from the Castran Colony…."

"I heard about that." Bridger nodded.

"I wanted you to know…if it's true…well, I'm on those recordings."

Bridger sighed inwardly as he regarded her. "Is there anything that could compromise you?"

"Brass took our P.R.D.'s from us after we were found on a beach…before we even regained consciousness. So I really have no idea." She stopped for a few moments. "I would like to find out though…that is, if there is any way to see them."

"Everyone got their P.R.D.'s on?" a voice asked. He got affirmatives from 5 other voices. "Alright…Lieutenant Shaymenn?" He turned to look to his right.

"Sir?" A younger looking Daphne responded from her perch near the entrance of a cavern. She was dressed in the typical outfit. T-shirt, pants, boots, and had the usual gear attached to her. Her long hair was braided and behind her back.

"Switch with Thomson, "The commanding officer ordered. "I need you to do your news bit."

Daphne smiled slightly as she hopped easily down from the rock, and walked past someone who took up her previous position. She stood in front of the small recording device.

"I am Lieutenant, junior-grade-damn-well-better-get-a-promotion-after-this-mission Daphne Shaymenn. The local time is" she paused to check her watch, "1400, and it is July 30, 2018. We are currently at the Castran Colony, located in the south Atlantic."

"Thank you," a humor filled voice said from behind the camera.

"You're more than welcome, sir," she replied, then looked thoughtful. "Ya know…I might flush this whole navy bit, and become a news reporter." She frowned. "Please, sir…rolling your eyes at someone's future goal is most rude."

"Got your P.R.D. forwarded to mainspot?"

"Of course, sir," Daphne assured him. "First thing I did when…"

"Head's up," Thomson whispered from the rock. "Something's happening out here."

"Daphne's face immediately transformed from one of mild humor, to one of set determination. She quickly grabbed a small display screen from her belt, and scanned over the readout. She tapped the side of the small device, then frowned.


She looked up at the voice, and into the camera. "I'm not getting a reading form the outer corridor. According to the sensors, there's nothing out there." She turned, and walked to the large rock, climbing it easily. She cautiously peered over the side. "Switching main view to you," a voice said as the scene changed to show from her point of view.

"There's nothing out there," she hissed at Thomson.

"I saw something," he insisted. "Maybe your equipment is malfunctioning."

Daphne's voice answered him harshly. "My equipment does not malfunction." She sighed, then hopped down from the rock. The others gathered around her. She looked up quickly when she heard the unmistakable sound of a safety on weapon being disengaged.

"They're coming," Thomson reported. "Four…no, five men."

Daphne looked at her display again. It showed a clear hallway. "Damn it," she said suddenly. "I'm being jammed."

A huge explosion rocked the chamber they were in, tossing bodies effortlessly against the walls. The picture showed static for a few moments, then came back on. Moans could be heard.

Daphne's face appeared in the camera, then disappeared as she picked it up and put it back on. She looked around, taking count.

(keep this part for the telecomm takeover) Daphne stood, trying to be stone faced as the gun was placed to her temple.

"Now, once more," the man said. "Tell me what I want to know!"

"Keep quiet, Shaymenn," her lieutenant said. "That's an order."

Daphne's eyes flicked to him, then went back to staring at the wall in front of her. She clenched her jaw tight in an attempt to stay focused.

The man looked at the lieutenant. "You are annoying me," he said, and instant before transferring the gun to his direction, and pulling the trigger.

Daphne tried not to jump as blood splattered over her. She looked to where her lieutenant had been, only to see a body crumpled on the floor. She tried to fight the nausea that threatened to overtake her. "Why did you kill him?"

The man looked at her. "I didn't kill him…you did."

"I'm not the one holding the gun," Daphne said angrily. She tried to back up as the gun was once again shoved in her face. "You shoot me, and you will never have the chance to find out the information you need."

"The L. T. is dead", she said harshly. "Get yourself together, and use your time to think of a way out of here." The view turned away, as Daphne could be softly heard stating, "This fucking sucks."

Daphne watched the screen with interest, her attention solely fixed on the events unfolding before her. She did not remember any of these events, and hoped that she would find the reason why.

"How's it going?"

She jumped slightly at the voice, and accepted a cup of coffee from Brody as he sat beside her. "Sorry," he said. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay." Daphne paused to take a drink of coffee. "It's like watching a movie I've never seen before." She took another drink. "I still can’t figure out why they let us keep recording during captivity."

"Never know until you see the whole thing."

"Who's the senior officer."

Daphne looked at the demanding voice, sighed, and stood. "I am." She stepped back slightly as two men approached, then dug in her feet as they tried to take her out of the room. "Wait!"

A man motioned for the other two to stop. Daphne pulled free. "I think it's time you let us go."

"Not yet," the man said. "Not until we can prove to the world that they would be wise to leave us alone." He looked at one of the men. "Make sure her P.R.D. is operational."

"Take her P.R.D., and then strap her on."

The picture went crooked for a few seconds and then righted itself. The view switched to show Daphne…her clothes torn, her face dirty. She was tied to a large wheel like device that stuck half out of a water source, and the other half under the water.

The wheel started to slowly spin, and Daphne's eyes grew wide, then she breathed deeply seconds before she submerged. The wheel stopped for approximately twenty seconds, then started again.

Daphne emerged from the water, couching and gasping. She tried to breathe deeply as the wheel started to descend again, and then went under water. After about ten revolutions, the wheel stopped.

Daphne looked down at the men as she coughed up water, and tried to breathe.

"Ready to talk?" the man asked.


"Very well," the reply came as the wheel started to move again

Brody kept an eye on Daphne, surprised to see no emotion from her.







Bridger and Brody saved from assassin on island….person takes them to a village…etc…assassin tried to blame it on her…President of island wants her dead, since she is going to ruin everything…….

Daphne - Look, you may be the sexiest guy I have ever seen, but if youdon't shut the hell up, I will shoot you!

Brody - Now you listen to me……..(stops) Sexiest? (Smiles) Really?

Bridger _ (rolling eyes) Lieutenant?

Brody - Sorry, sir.

Daphne - You're going to have to come with me……

Bridger - I don't…

Daphne - (holding up gun) - I insist.

President - Is she with them?

Guard - No

President - Then kiil them, and blame her for it.

Guard - yes ma'am.

Daphne - psst…..(guard turns, to get a branch to the side of the head. Daphne grabs his gun…hesitates, then hands it to Brody) Come on…(stops) Look…I'm the lesser of two evils, okay…