Sons Of Thunder follows the exploits of Trent Malloy and Carlos Sandoval, Private Investigators in Dallas, Texas. The characters were introduced on Walker, Texas Ranger, and then were spun off into their own show on March 6 1999.

In an effort to let the powers that be at CBS know just how good this show is, I have put up a message board. Please stop by, and let your opinion count!!!!!!! I am going to be sending the URL for this board to CBS so they will know that there ARE a heck of a lot of fans out there who want Sons Of Thunder in the upcoming fall lineup.

Sons Of Thunder Message Board


Son Of Thunder Homepage
All about the show....a rather good site.

The Marco Sanchez Home Page
This is one of my current favorite actors......a very good site.

Sons Of Thunder
"This page is dedicated to the great actors of the Walker, Texas Ranger spinoff, which begins this winter."

My soon to be released SOT fiction. All I have for now is a story listing.

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