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Character- Tiffany Roxanne Chambers

Occupation- Police Detective with the D.P.D.

sometimes girlfriend of Carlos (of course)

Age- one year older than Carlos.

Stats- 5'7, shoulder length auburn hair, hazel eyes.

Background- Tiffany (Tiff) was born in New York, so she slings a pretty mean accent (apologies to the's in the crowd). Her parents were never married, and she lived for three years in Europe with her mother after her legal guardians (Aunt, and Uncle), were killed in a car jacking. Her mother soon grew tired of her, and sent her to live with other relatives back in N.Y. She doesn't know her father (Knows who he is, but has never met.) Tiffany married her high school sweetheart, joined the police force, and was happy. Her husband Kyle, was transferred to Dallas with his job. Tiffany arranged to be transferred to the DPD, and they moved. After about eight months in their new home, Kyle was caught in a compromising position with his secretary. Tiffany moved out, but stayed on in Dallas, and became a detective. They divorced a year later.

PresentShe first met Carlos after he arrested her while she was undercover in a drug bust. They date off and on, usually breaking up over some minor argument, that they both blow totally out of proportion. Tiffany is claustrophobic, hates elevators.(Her and Carlos in a glass elevator???? Funny!)
She smokes only when completely stressed out, or, as she puts it "I either have a cigarette, or slam my fist into someone's face." She gets along well with her partner. She started out as a Narc. officer, was temporarly transferred to help Carlos on a case, and decided to stay. (Her former captain says "Good riddance")
Now, Tiffany is not a bad person, it's just that she's not a "saint"(She cheats at cards). She gets along well with Trent, but there is absolutely nothing romantic between them. (Tommy likes her)
Beyond Carlos, her choices for men have not been very wise.
She can handle herself, and uses anything at hand as a weapon...including high heel shoes. But, she prefers to try to think her way out of a situation first.
Her relationship with Walker is shaky. He pushed her too far once,(during an extremely difficult case) and she exploded in anger at him. They have a mutual respect for each other, but it's hard to say if they willever be friends. Tiffany and Trivette get along great.

Tiffany rides a motorbike in her off hours, is a junk food junkie,loves cartoons, and doesn't overly care for country music.

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Character-Jennifer Hendricks

Occupation- Police Detective with the D.P.D.

Age - around 27

Stats- 5'8, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes.

Past - Jennifer (Jenny) was born in Austin, Texas. She grew up in a normal, loving family in a small town outside of Austin. She has three older sisters, and two younger brothers. Her parents enrolled her in a karate class when she was five, and she gained a black belt at the age of ten.
Jenny rebelled in her teenage years, landing in trouble with the law a few times. From drinking under age, to shop lifting, to assault.(It wasn’t her fault, she was only defending herself…not her fault that the other girl ended up with a broken jaw!) The worse time (when she was 16), and the one that set her on the right path, was when a boyfriend, and a few of his friends, were fooling around with a gun. They said that it was empty. Jenny finally had enough of their pointing it at each other, and she grabbed the gun. The gun, however, was not empty. The gun went off, hit one of her friends in the back, and he ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Cleared of any wrong doings, but feeling guilty, Jenny stopped running with that 'crowd'.
The town looked at her with accusing eyes, so Jenny moved to Dallas to live with her grandmother. She finished high school with honors, joined the Dallas Police a few years later, and quickly rose through the ranks. During Jen's time training to be a police officer, she had heard things about an Officer Chambers, a transfer from the NYPD. The instructors at the academy used Officer Chamber's methods in Jen's classes, and told the students that this was NOT the way for a policeofficer to act.
Jenny, however, liked the methods Officer Chambers used, and worked some of the ways into her owndealings with 'perps'.

Present- Jenny is currently partnered with Detective Tiffany Chambers.
In her personal life, Jenny is fresh from a bad relationship. She is also under investigation from Internal Affairs since she busted a “Smash and grab” ring…one in which her then current boyfriend, Carl, was a member of. Jenny knew nothing about his involvement, and quickly kicked him out of her house, her life, and down a flight of steps.
Jenny and Tiffany became fast friends, partly because of their almost identical way of dealing with those who break the law. There is also the fact that Detective Chambers sort of shaped the way Detective Hendricks looks at these offenders.
Tiffany, however, has a plan for Jenny…she thinks that Jenny would be perfect for Trent Malloy!

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Gabriel Paulson - Tiffany's regular partner. He was born and raised in Dallas. Gabe is married to Amanda, who works for a securities corporation. Detective Paulson is a good friend of Detective Ryan, which sometimes causes good natured arguments between him and Tiffany. After he is shot, and his wife announces her pregnancy, Gabe decides to leave the force for a safer job. He accepts the position of "Chief Of Security" at Chambers Productions, a company that deals with various government and military contracts. The company is also owned by Tiffany's former in-laws.

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Madame Shena Zubra - An old friend of Tiffany's from New York. Madame Zubra is a fortune teller, who has a rather busy sideline dealing in stolen goods. She was once a friend of Tiffany's mother, so she sort of looks out for her at times.

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Anthony Cortez - A detective with the Dallas Police Department. He gets along well with Tiffany, and would like to get to know Jennifer 'a lot' better. Anthony was born in Houston, to a Cuban father and an Italian mother, and is so incredibly young looking that he usually draws the short straw in 'kiddie-cop' assignments. Despite his sometimes "yeah, whatever" attitude, his fellow officers know that they can count on him.

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Danielle Pritchard - An officer with the DPD, Danielle ("Dani"), is a valuable asset to the force. Her best asset is the ability to remember everything she has ever read, or heard. This causes problems though, since Dani is extremely nosy, and a bit of a gossip.

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Katherine Chambers-Fontaine - Tiffany's former sister-in-law. They still get along, and Tiffany considers "Kat" to be one of her best friends.

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Kyle Chambers - Tiffany's ex-husband and CEO of Chambers Productions. Kyle still likes Tiffany, and uses any opportunity to get close to her. Carlos doesn't like Kyle; he thinks he's a spoiled, obnoxious, annoying jerk.

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