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A Few Of My Favorite Things.......On The Web

These are some of my favorite categories on the internet.
This page is always going through a reconstructive phase, so please be patient. (I have included my two fiction pages here..for the time being.)

Star Wars My most favorite Star Wars links.

seaQuest DSV/2032 Various links to the fiction....(I miss this show).

Sons Of Thunder Sons Of Thunder is a spin off from Walker, Texas Ranger.

Tourism Pages Place that I have been, or would like to visit.

Other Sites X-Men, Jokes.

Star Wars Links The site formerly known as "The Wedge Antilles Home Page"

Star Wars Trilogy Trivia Think you remember all the little things about Star Wars???????????

Links To The Star Wars Galaxy A whole "galaxy" of Star Wars links.

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My seaQuest Links (...more to come...honest...hey, would "I" lie to you??)

seaQuest Screen Captures And Sound Files A large collection of screen images and sound files from all three seasons.

SeaQuest Chronicles Some of the best seaQuest fan fiction that I have read to date.

Dolphin Tales This is a sister site to SeaQuest Chronicles.

The Marco Sanchez Home Page This is one of my current favorite actors.......a very good site.

Storm's Marco Sanchez / Edward Kerr Temple My two favorite actors on one page. Great site!

Welcome To The Unofficial Don Franklin Page This is a great site of information.

John D'Aquino An excellent source of information on this versatile actor.

Jonathan Brandis Fan Club On-Line Jonathan Brandis Fan Club On-Line's visitor page. / Club Ted The Official Ted Raimi Fan Club.

Bodaciousville A great site on Michael DeLuise.

The Chameleon Talent of Ted Raimi Lots of information, with links through to other Ted roles.

Shannon's Cove Featuring Marco Sanchez.......(need I say more?)

Kritta's World The site has an excellent seaQuest section....I like it!

The Official seaQuest Fan Club Home of The Questie Files. "We're looking for a few good fans!"

seaQuest Crossroads The ultimate seaQuest site. Great screen captures, plus lots of information.

SeaQuest Fanfic Index A complete library of SeaQuest fanfiction.

The Roy Scheider Resource Damn near everything you ever wanted to know about Roy Scheider.

Pink Rabbit Consortium SeaQuest Page A great source of first season based fan fiction.

Marco Sanchez Online Chat March 19 1999 online chat.

1994 Jonathan Brandis Interview

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Sons Of Thunder Links

Son Of Thunder Homepage All about the show....a rather good site.

The Marco Sanchez Home Page This is one of my current favorite actors......a very good site.

Sons Of Thunder "Dedicated to the Walker, Texas Ranger spinoff. Updated Weekly!!!!"

Kim's Clubhouse "This page is dedicated to the best television show ever"

Sons Of Thunder Information Page A site full of excellent information on the show and actors.

My soon to be released SOT fiction. All I have for now are partial stories.

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Tourism Pages

Tourism BC Super Natural British Columbia.....a very nice site, with some great screen savers.

Destination Nova Scotia An excellent site, with a lot of beautiful pictures. This is where I was born, and grew up.....This is my home.

Visit Burnaby Online This is the city which I work for.

Tourisme Quebec This is the link to the province of Quebec.

Virtual Nova Scotia Take a tour through Nova Scotia......I like this site.

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Other Sites

Tales From The South For the fans of the X-Men.....a Gambit and Rogue site.

The Canadian Music Encyclopedia Brian Adams, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, and many, many more. Rather extensive biographies of Canadian artists.

To Broomrider's Palace.

Lillandra's Seal Of Approval Winners These are the winners of my recently released web page award.

Lillandra's Page! Back to the main page.

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