Lillandra's Seal Of Approval

Interested in having my award on your page?
Drop me an e-mail, telling my why you think your page should have a "Seal", and I will zoom on over and check it out. If I like what I see, I will send on over the URL so you can take your choice of six different colored logos. (The picture and font is the same) Yeah, I know the picture is of an otter....I couldn't find a seal pic that I liked, and thought that "Lillandra's Otter Of Approval" sounded silly. ;) (The newer "Otter" award only has three colors so far.)

There are, however, a few rules in order to be considered for the "Seal".
#1- You must link the award back to my page.
#2- Your page cannot contain any sort of racism.
#3- I don't really like political pages.
#4- Don't even THINK of sending me a pornographic site URL.

This is what it looks like:

Or, you could try the new "Otter Tell You" one:

The winners are listed on an "Awards Page". If you don't want to be listed, make sure you mention that in the 'application letter'.

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Lillandra's Seal Of Approval Winners
These are the winners of my recently released web page award.