This page is dedicated to the brave men and women who served aboard the seaQuest DSV, and...huh?...what? seaQuest was a television show that ran for 2 1/2 seasons, and was set around the year 2020?? (Give or take a few years) Hmmmm....well then...*ahem*

This page is dedicated to the FANS of the brave men and women who served aboard the seaQuest DSV. Let it be known that, in these stories: 1) The seaQuest was never abducted from Earth at the end of season two, and taken to fight in a civil war on a distant planet.(I mean, like puh-leeze...come on!) 2) Since they were not taken, they were not returned ten years later in 2032. No one was left behind on the planet (that still burns me!), and no one died while trying to rescue a certain someone from being executed. 3) Season three NEVER happened! 4) These stories are based on the second season, and are the product of my own imagination.

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Solitude In Sorrow
A crew member tries to figure out what is making him sad.

The Chocolate Cake Incident
Making a birthday present should be as easy as....well....baking a cake. Right?

Destiny's Choice(Part One)
The mission seemed routine enough, but they weren't counting on meeting faces from the past.

Brody gets a letter that changes his life. (Takes place after second season)

Gnome For The Holidays
A harmless looking gift...with an evil agenda.

Destiny's Choice(Part Two)
Lonnie and Jim can't seem to get a break. Miguel meets his destiny.

Time And Time Again...And Again(Part One)
Miguel meets a new foe...with an old problem. *An Alternate Reality Story*

Time And Time Again...And Again(Part Two)
With his friend in danger, can Miguel defeat his new foe? *An Alternate Reality Story*

From Hyberion To Home
My take on what really happened at the end of Season Two.

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